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​Vision Care closed down. March 28th, 2018
Humana Dental & Vision

Humana makes it easy for you to get quotes and enroll online at any time. With the Agent Online Application (AOA) link, you can send a link directly to clients that will display products currently available in their market. 
Humana Dental  

Starmount Dental & Vison

Individual & Employer groups of 2 to 100 employees

Employer quotes for 10 employees or less

- Enroll 100% online
- Available for worksite with list bill
- Online policies available instantly
- Built-in provider search tool
Individual Dental & Vision plans
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Starmount Dental & Vison

Aetna Dental, Vision & Disability

SecureCare Dental

Securecare Dental has a broad mix of group dental plans and an extensive dentist network. Our Dental Quotes section allows you to quote our:

Employer quotes for 10 employees or less

Triple Choice Programs
Voluntary Plans
The PPO Plan
Employer sponsored plans
The Copay Plan
The Indemnity Plan
Employers with 2 or more employees can offer Dental, Vision and Disability benefits.

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