Medical Sharing Health Plan

If you are here, looking for a positive solution to the rising costs of spiraling Obamacare Health Insurance plans, then you have come to the right place.

Established in 1999, Altrua Ministries, dba Altrua HealthShare, is a 501(c)(3) recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry.

Every day, thousands discover Health Care Sharing Ministries as a positive solution to health insurance. Sharing ministries similar to Altrua HealthShare have been around for nearly thirty years, and billions of dollars of health care needs have been shared in by fellow members.

Altrua HealthShare does NOT lean towards one denomination, religion or walk of faith. Altrua HealthShare leaves the convictions of each individual to honor the Statement of Standards.

Altrua HealthShare members enjoy:
1. Low Monthly Contribution Amounts from $100 for Single to $480 for a Family
2. No Obamacare Tax Penalties
3. Your Choice of Doctors and Hospitals with a large Multiplan Nationwide PPO Network
4. Stable Rates due to Healthy participants
5. $1,000,000.00 of coverage
6. Doctors office visits
7. The ability to enroll year round
8. Does not cover cancer for 12 months
9. Annual physical is one of your 6 doctor visit copays
10. Must answer medical questions and acceptance is not guarnateed.

For more information complete the contact information and the documents will be emailed to you.
Roger Walker

Monthly Contribution Amounts- Gold Plan
0 - 39 $269.00 $403.00 $538.00
40 - 49 $296.00 $444.00 $605.00
50 - 59 $363.00 $625.00 $740.00
60 - 64 $470.00 $820.00 $874.00

Yearly Responsibility Amounts
-The member is responsible for $500 per member per calendar year before the 2nd MRA applies. -The member is responsible for a maximum of $2,500 to the licensed medical professional (maximum of $5,000 if Medicare Plus 25% isn’t accepted and licensed medical professional is non-affiliated).
Monthly Responsibility Amounts
-The member is responsible for $3,000 per person per calendar year. -There is no 2nd MRA unless Medicare Plus 25% isn’t accepted and the licensed medical professional is non-affiliated. The member is then responsible for 50% of allowed charges.**

Six office visits per person per calendar year are included in the membership. The $35.00 office visit/urgent care MRA must be submitted to the provider and applies to all eligible services received at the time of visit. Up to $300.00 is shared by the membership for each visit. Any services contracted to other providers or facilities and visits for maternity needs are not included. Any amount that exceeds the maximum sharing limit of $300.00 is the responsibility of the member and will not be applied to the 1st or 2nd MRA. After 6 office visits, the member is responsible for 100% of all charges.
-6 OFFICE/URGENT CARE VISITS ANNUALLY : Up to $300 is shared on the member’s behalf per visit.*** -MATERNITY: The membership shares a maximum of $4,000 for a normal delivery or a maximum of $6,000 if a medically necessary C-section is required.**** -PRESCRIPTIONS: Altrua HealthShare offers discounts for name brand and generic prescriptions. -SHARING AFTER 1ST AND 2ND MRAS ARE MET: 100% -MAXIMUM AMOUNT SHARED DURING THE LIFETIME OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP: $1,000,000 -TELEMEDICINE: Unlimited Utilization, with no consultation fee

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